January 21, 2019

Natural wines: no makeup, no problem

Calling all wine geeks! These series of classes assume you are a more experienced taster who is ready to explore how wines are created, as well as geography, grape growing, and wine making in addition to taste. These classes will include a selection of six quality wines with a paired cheese board, and all classes are taught by trained wine professionals.

Sometimes, less is more! Natural wines have caught fire in the wine world, but they can be challenging even to the experienced drinker. A wine without additives, ‘aromatic enhancements,’ chemicals, and added sulfur can be challenging to make, and many examples can come across as flawed. Further complicating the landscape is a lack of agricultural and governmental regulations that define the term ‘natural.’ But have no fear, we are here to help you navigate the landscape of natural wines!

On January 21st, we will teach you what it means to be ‘natural,’ how to find great examples, and to explore wine making techniques that can be employed to ensure a clean, expressive wine. This class will require an open mind, but the curious-minded will be rewarded! The class will be taught by our beverage director, Scott Ota, and he is looking forward to opening your mind to a new way of approaching wine. Reserve your tickets here.

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