March 12, 2019

DeVine Madness 2019!


DeVine Madness is back for 2019, and this year we are switching up the competition! This year’s theme is ‘The Cool Kids -vs- Old School.’ We are putting some of the classics of the wine world against the new and fashionable wines of today’s trends. Here is how to play along:

•   Order a comparison ‘blind’ tasting – you will get a half glass of each wine.
•   Place your vote for your favorite wine.
•   Votes will be tallied, and winners move on!
•   The ‘Final 4’ winners will stay on our menu throughout the summer as a flight chosen by the people

It’s a simple and fun way to taste through the wine world, and as the weeks go on, the tasting comparisons will change from week to week. We will be announcing winners via social media, so make sure to follow us for updates. Drink well and have fun!

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