March 9, 2020

Wine Class: ‘Let’s Get Dirty: Viticulture’

We love to drink wine! But do we really understand how the vineyard transmits its flavor into the glass? After all, wine is an agricultural product and viticulture can be tricky to understand. However, if you know the basics, you can have a better appreciation for the hard work that goes into each bottle and you can understand how wine gets it flavor.

On Monday, March 10th we will teach you the basics of viticulture. We will cover the balance of selecting the right grapes for the right site, how climate can affect the flavors in wine, soil’s role in viticulture, all of the vineyard decisions that go into each winery or site and why each decision is made by the grower. The class will be taught by our Beverage Director Scott Ota, and he’s excited to have some ‘real talk’ about agriculture with you.

Tickets are $45 and they can be purchased through Eventbrite: HERE. We hope to see you here!

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