March 11, 2019

Wine Class: ‘March Madness: Baller Kiwi Wines’

“March Madness: Baller Kiwi Wines”

Whether you picture mountains, ocean, Lord of the Rings, or rugby, New Zealand is one of the hottest wine-producing countries in the New World. Famed for its zesty Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand also produces a variety of wine styles (red, rosés, whites, blends, even sparkling!) and sustainable practices with cutting edge technology have kept winemaking innovative. On March 11, we will explore North and South Islands and their slam dunk delicious vin!

“March Madness: Baller Kiwi Wines” is a part of High Street’s “Getting Into Grapes” series. Know a little about vino but excited for more? Get in on the action and explore the world of wine with us. Each class in this series is focused around a wine grape or region and digs a little deeper into how those wines typically taste. These classes will include a selection of four quality wines with a paired cheese board. This class will be taught by wine educator Sarah Kellis Heath.

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