January 27, 2020

Wine Class: Pioneers to Present Day, Women Taking Center Stage (Session 2)

Women have not always had a part in the wine industry, but they have since then undoubtedly changed wine for the better. From the invention of single-vintage Champagne, to modern tools that we use to learn about wine, to some very familiar world-renowned wines, women are ever-present in the wine industry’s past and present.


Now that the wine industry is entering the second decade of the 19th century, times call for discussion and celebration of the women who have changed wine, who have helped shape it, and who are now under the spotlight on the wine stage.


Join Kelsey Kramer and the team at High Street Wine Co. to drink wine made by women, and to hear their stories. Men are welcome- don’t be shy!! Tickets for the class are $45, and they can be found HERE

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