March 18, 2019

Wine Class: ‘Sour Grapes: The Perception of Acidity’

‘Sour Grapes: The Perception of Acidity’

Let’s get back to basics. Wine is a tart, alcoholic beverage from fermented grape must. So, what is ‘tart?’ How does do the tart flavors of wine affect my perception of flavor. And furthermore, how can I tell if a wine will be ‘sour’ when compared to another?

On March 18th, we will teach you about the perception of acidity in wine. We will teach you which wines will be more sour than others. We will teach you how certain winemakers can curb the perception of acidity, and we will calibrate your palate to detect certain levels of acid. Acid is wine’s gift to your palate and to food, and it should be perceived as a friend. This class will be taught by our beverage director, Scott Ota, and he is looking forward to opening your mind to a new way of approaching acidity in wine.

Tickets can be found on Eventbrite:

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