November 25, 2019

Wine Class: ‘The Bird and the Bottle’ – Pairing Wine w/ Thanksgiving


Wine and food pairing should generally be pretty straightforward: Cold, briny oysters with a crisp refreshing white wine.

But imagine a meal where carbs, proteins, salty, sweet and sour co-mingle on the same plate; where vegetables sit next to marshmallows; dry proteins sit under thick, salty gravy; canned relish sits beside herb infused cubes of bread. You don’t need to imagine: you deal with this every year at Thanksgiving.

In this class we’ll roll up our sleeves and explain how to conquer this culinary Hydra with 6, staff picked wines that will show you how wine can bring both food and family together.

Tickets for the class are $45 and can be purchased via Eventbrite: HERE


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